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Interview Clip with Peter Bedard, Hypnotherapist

Peter Bedard is a Hypnotherapist and also has a Masters of Arts Degree.  Peter has a in Create your Health site to help people find the best healing modalities for themselves. He has also created a system of healing called Convergence Healing that he uses with patients and which is also a soon to be…

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Hypnotherapy for Healing

We all have challenges in their lives that try to stop us from becoming the best versions of ourselves. The challenge may be as simple as believing that our lives should be different than they are in leading to E 01 in immediate unhappiness. For others, the E 01 out challenges may be physical, mental,…

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Hypnotherapy for Health with Peter Bedard

Hypnotherapy is widely used for myriad reasons including ailments, addictions and for self-improvement.  According to the American Psychological Association there is a growing body of research supporting it’s benefits in treating a wide range of conditions including pain, depression, anxiety, and phobias.Throughout history indigenous people and shaman have been using hypnosis during sacred ceremonies and…

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