Staying on the Right Path: How to Track and Maintain Your Health Goals

Registered Dietician Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein reveals the most successful tracking tools that help make and maintain healthy lifestyles on this episode of Living Healthy, Living Well. Ilana explains why these tools are effective and essential for a successful weight loss program. She also interviews one of her most successful clients, David Fishof, discussing the tools and tips that helped him with his amazing weight loss.

David Fishof has been Ilana’s client for over a year, working to get his health mindset and weight in control. He works in the entertainment industry, losing 40 pounds and maintaining this weight throughout his fluctuations in his business.

Living Healthy, Living Well is a series dedicated to teaching you how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle while still enjoying life’s guilty pleasures. Each episode, host Ilana Muhlstein, Registered Dietician Nutritionist, will be welcoming passionate and successful experts to give their best lifestyle advice, including tips on eating better, sleeping more deeply, sustaining a reasonable workout, and much more. Ilana has a private practice in Los Angeles, leads the Bruin Healthy Improvement Program (BHIP) for occupational health patients at UCLA,  and consults for various businesses, including Whole Foods Market,, and Curves. Ilana is also a certified group fitness and yoga instructor and writes for many publications, including the Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen and the Hungry Girl Survival Guides.


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