Zipstrip Herb Stripper – FRANCE – Food Exposed: International Food & Tools Series

On this episode, Jackie takes a look at what’s on your plate in France! The French are known for their love of fine dining and for their tools. Today, Jackie takes a look at an (American) tool, popularized and frequently used in France! The Chef n’ Go Herb Stripper was designed in Seattle and is used to quickly and easily strip herbs – including the one used in today’s dish and very common in French cuisine – Rosemary! 

This tool takes the tediousness out of herb stripping, cleaning stems to leave the fresh herbs in a breeze!

Our recipe today uses the Herb Stripper to strip rosemary to the stem to create a unique and flavorful skewer for grilled chicken!




Meet Jackie (Creator, Host):

Jackie Keller has dedicated her life to helping people improve their health and lives. On this segment, Jackie discusses French styles of cooking and shows us how to use the Chef n’Go Herb Stripper. 

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Meet Inge Ruch (Guest): Inge Ruch is a Munich-born citizen of the world.

Inge has spent the past 34 years living in six different countries with her great husband and two fabulous sons. She’s here for a short yearly visit from her magnificent, 120 year old home on the river Seine, just outside of Paris.