Tailor Made with Brian Rodda

Tailor Made with Brian Rodda is an empowering program that supports authentic self-expression through fashion by exploring the cultural conversations and trends that dress us. Get insiders knowledge of the fashion industry as Brian sits down with expert guests to discuss the latest and most controversial news in the rag trade. Tailor Made explores how the clothes we wear impact society at large. Brian offers his provocative perception on some of the hottest issues facing us as a fashion-driven culture in our world today. Become more fully self-expressed and check out exclusive news and behind-the-scenes treats on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Host Bio

Brian Rodda has vast experience in viral marketing and has worked passionately in digital media and online video since 2007. He is a founding member of an aggregator for WGA- written web series, and took that experience to found Brian Rodda Consulting in 2011. Brian has worked on promoting numerous notable digital series Husbands (31,143 Subscribers, 2,145,151 views on Youtube) the web’s first marriage-equality comedy, which can now exclusively be seen on the CW Seed, Squaresville ( 31,401 Subscribers, 1,772,230 views on Youtube) and Whole Day Down ( Starring Willie Garson, Successful 40K+ Kickstarter campaign)

Additionally, Brian has consulted with over 50 content creators to promote and create thriving communities for their properties, including the teen drama, Anyone But Me (24,363 subscribers, 13,713,025 views on Youtube) and Disney animator Dan Lund’s new web-series due out in January 2014, entitled simply: Jeffrey. Brian Rodda Consulting currently operates out of theStream.tv where Brian is the host and producer of: Digital Natives: Content Creation’s Front Line, Tailor Made with Brian Rodda, and producer of Cool Sh#t: Fashion with Clarissa Dolphin. When not working with clients, hosting or producing, Brian can be found hiking Runyon Canyon, and exploring new cooking recipes with the exotic south American grain, Quinoa. Follow him socially here: TwitterInstagramFacebook or visit Brian Rodda Consulting


Hosted By: Brian Rodda

Executive Producers: Susan Wrenn, Lorna Paul.

Producer: Brian Rodda

Co-Producer: Stephen Fox