Living Healthy Living Well

Living Healthy Living Well is a series dedicated to teaching you how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle while still enjoying life's guilty pleasures. Each episode, host Ilana Muhlstein, Registered Dietician Nutritionist, will be welcoming passionate and successful experts to give their best lifestyle advice, including tips on eating better, sleeping more deeply, sustaining a reasonable workout, and much more.


Staying on the Right Path: How to Track and Maintain Your Health Goals

Registered Dietician Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein reveals the most successful tracking tools that help make and maintain healthy lifestyles on this episode of Living Healthy, Living Well. Ilana explains why these tools are effective and essential for a successful weight loss program. She also interviews one of her most successful clients, David Fishof, discussing the tools and tips that helped him with his amazing weight loss. David Fishof has been Ilana's client for over a year, working Continue Reading→

Interview with Dentist Gabe Rosenthal, D.D.S.

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, D.D.S., studied at the USC School of Dentistry, where he worked for the USC Sports Dental Program as student dentist and graduated with honors. Dr. Gabe currently works at a dental practice in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, CA, specializing in Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, and CAD/CAM same day-crowns. Living Healthy, Living Well is a series dedicated to teaching you how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle Continue Reading→

Weaning Off of Sugar for a Brighter Smile and Improved Health with Dentist Gabe Rosenthal, D.D.S.

In this episode of Living Healthy, Living Well, host Ilana Muhlstein, R.D., introduces the addictive qualities of sugar and demonstrates how minimizing our sugar intake is extremely beneficial to our bodies and our teeth. Ilana also interviews dentist Gabe Rosenthal about how our diets affect our dental health. Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, D.D.S., studied at the USC School of Dentistry, where he worked for the USC Sports Dental Program as student dentist and graduated with honors. Dr. Gabe Continue Reading→

Everyday Exercising with Sandbox Fitness Founder Minna Hershkowitz

Registered Dietician Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein, host of Living Healthy, Living Well, explains the importance of exercise and teaches you easy ways to partake in a fun and sustainable fitness routine. Ilana also interviews the co-owner of Sandbox Fitness, personal trainer Minna Hershkowitz, discussing a wide range of exercise-related topics, encompassing workout regimen tips, perks of working out on sand, and the benefits to working out with a partner. Minna Hershkowitz has had over 8 Continue Reading→

Dining Out Healthfully with Chef Deborah Benaim on LHLW

Living Healthy, Living Well host Ilana Muhlstein, R.D. reveals tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your dining out experience. Ilana also interviews Chef Deborah Benaim about Deborah's secrets to making decadent food at modest calorie counts as well as which less healthy foods to avoid. Chef Deborah owns her own catering company, dB catering, where she cooks foods inspired by her extensive travels around the world. Deborah is also a former chef of Continue Reading→

Healthy Everyday Eating with Celebrity Dietician Mary Donkersloot on LHLW

Host Ilana Muhlstein, R.D.N., chats with celebrity dietician Mary Donkersloot about easy ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into your daily lifestyle on this week's episode of Living Healthy, Living Well. Ilana also introduces the best way to compose your meals, teaching you how to choose the healthiest options from each food group. Mary Donkersloot, R.D.,  owns a prominent private practice in Beverly Hills, CA and has advised hundreds of clients, including some from the Continue Reading→


Host: Ilana Muhlstein R.D.N.

Producers: Susan Wrenn, Lorna Paul, Ron Moler