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For The LOVE of Shoes

For The LOVE of Shoes “From Cinderella to Carrie, we have all fallen head over heels for ‘the right pair’—and to hell with cost and comfort,” says Patrice Farameh, the woman behind the new teNeues tome, For The Love of Shoes ($95; available No truer words have ever been said. Charlotte Olympia flower and…

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Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut and Earcuffs

Pixie Cuts According to new statistics from Yahoo!, released on Wednesday, searches for the phrase ‘pixie haircut’ are 511 times higher than what they were this time last year. With stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, and Kristen Chenoweth, all sportin’ the spicer and shorter dew, it’s no wonder it’s soo hot right now.…

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