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Tyler Shields – How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture

Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields reveals his secrets on how to take charge of your on-screen image and get the best photo with little or no equipment. Whether creating a profile pic or taking a snapshot at a party, Tyler shows you how to “self-direct” and be in control of how your picture turns out.

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Revalue Your Reflection

This week’s edition of The Style Gospel According to Luke is all about revaluing your reflection. Use the elements of style to connect with your essential identity, starting with your values. Nothing has value, except for the value you give it. Luke tells us to start with ourselves and build connections with our identity and…

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Mirror, Mirror

This week on the Secrets of the Red Carpet, our resident style guru Luke Reichle shows us how to reupholster our image with advice from fashion and celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields. Luke also brings us the good word from the Style Gospel and chats up three sizzling youtubers. This week on Style Gospel, image is…

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