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Nicole Gil’s Workout Playlist

Nicole Gil’s C’est La Vie Workout Playlist: Warm Up 3:  SHAKE IT UP Buff Ballet 1:  CRAZY CALF MUSCLES Buff Ballet 2:  ATTACK OF THE INNER THIGHS Buff Ballet 3:  BODY BLASTING COMBO Cool Down 3:  YOU DID IT! “C’est la Vie with Selah V!” features conversations with celebrities and fitness stars about the latest…

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Guy Cammilleri gives the Fitness Tip of the Week on Ric Drasin Live

Guy Cammilleri has been managing director of World Gym Intl since 2009.  Always involved in sports, fitness and bodybuilding, Guy has brought the World Gym Brand back.  His Mother, Joyce Cammilleri purchased the brand in 2009 and between Her, Guy and his brothers they have made great strides in developing the brand back to where…

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World Gym Managing Director Guy Cammilleri on Ric Drasin Live

Ric Drasin, former Pro Wrestler (The Equalizer) owner of Ric Drasin’s Pro Wrestling School, Bodybuilder and designer of the famous Gold’s Gym and World Gym Logos, former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Demi Hulk (middle hulk) on The Incredible Hulk TV Series.  Ric has an Internet show with over 10 million viewers which…

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