LIFE AFTER WAR – Episode 11 with Jacob Zetino and Mitch Orsatt

Jacob Zetino- I was born in Silver Spring Maryland. Thereafter moved to the area of Healdsburg/Santa Rosa, California where I was raised. Enlisted in the US Army in 2002 served 10 years, with one tour to Afghanistan, I was honorably discharged attaining the rank of Sergeant. Upon separation from the Army I became a Deep Sea Diver (commercial), attend conservatory for acting, currently finishing my BS in filmmaking and started my own film production company.

Mitch Orsatt- My name is Mitchell Paul Orsatt. Currently 36 years old and I live in Covina California. I have four children The oldest who is 15 and she lives with her mom and San Fernando  Valley. The other three  turkey’s are with my wife and I. They are 10, 6 and 3. I served a total of 8 years in the marine reserves  1.5 years activated for Operation Dessert Shield, 5 months in country from January2003 to May of 2003, attached to the 1st Marine Division.   I am currently a Fire Fighter Paramedic with the  Los Angeles county fire department in the city of Azusa for 9.5 years. I am involve in the training of our new paramedics, apart of our hazmat teams and on the training staff for our active shooter program. I can be contacted via phone 626-422-6687 or email,


“Life After War”…True stories from Veterans sharing their experiences and challenges of coming home.

Jeff and Kimberly have been featured Internationally on TV’s Master’s of Illusion and their show will astound you but the most remarkable thing may be that they were able to turn a long distance relationship into a happy marriage (thanks to, AT&T and American Airlines.)

Jeff is a big city boy from Los Angeles, he served in the cold war gathering intelligence as a communication specialist and is now a retired Army Veteran. He makes his living as a professional magician performing in venues such as the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as a Stuntman who’s been knocked out by Sylvester Stallone and other hard hitting celebrities!

Kimberly is small town girl from rural Oklahoma who knocked Jeff out the moment he laid eyes on her. From the start they both knew they shared a special connection, yet Jeff had no idea just how powerful her intuition could be and together they entertain the US Armed Forces both local and abroad with their live show, Operation Bravo.

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