LIFE AFTER WAR – Episode 5 with Vicki Wagner and Jordan Martinez

Vicki Wagner was a Strategic Air Command Post Controller in the Air Force, her entire job was war games. She is a lesbian comedian whose act is about getting kicked out of the military, something that really happened to her. She is a Winner of the “2013 Battle of the Comics”where she beat 100 comedians for the title and hailed as one of the nations funniest comics by Curve magazine. Vicki has torn up stages across the USA and Canada. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and loves to entertain. She does Stand Up Comedy, Improv, Sketch Comedy and Acting. Her outgoing personality and natural sense of humor and quick wit enabled her to be the host of the web show called“Lesbian Knows Best,”a talk show in which she gives advice to straight people and has been viewed over 1.8 million times!

Jordan Martinez is a Southern California native. At a young age he was only interested in two things, filmmaking and Chess. In elementary school, Jordan often traveled playing in tournaments eventually becoming a National Champion. In 2008, at the age of seventeen he enlisted in the United States Army and became a U.S Army Paratrooper. After serving a tour as a soldier in Afghanistan, Jordan decided to pursue his degree and lifelong passion for filmmaking by attending film school at California State University, Fullerton. Jordan is also a gifted and crafted screenplay writer and has created/written all of his projects he has directed. He has also been credited as a director in music videos with artists such as Creepshow, Mr. Capone-E, MC Magic and oldies legend, Brenton Wood. In Jordan’s lifelong devotion to film directing, his mission is to tell powerful stories that could affect not only the way people see things but as-well as influence their lives.


“Life After War”…True stories from Veterans sharing their experiences and challenges of coming home.

Jeff and Kimberly have been featured Internationally on TV’s Master’s of Illusion and their show will astound you but the most remarkable thing may be that they were able to turn a long distance relationship into a happy marriage (thanks to, AT&T and American Airlines.)

Jeff is a big city boy from Los Angeles, he served in the cold war gathering intelligence as a communication specialist and is now a retired Army Veteran. He makes his living as a professional magician performing in venues such as the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as a Stuntman who’s been knocked out by Sylvester Stallone and other hard hitting celebrities!

Kimberly is small town girl from rural Oklahoma who knocked Jeff out the moment he laid eyes on her. From the start they both knew they shared a special connection, yet Jeff had no idea just how powerful her intuition could be and together they entertain the US Armed Forces both local and abroad with their live show, Operation Bravo.

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