Overcome or Avoid the Pitfalls of Obesity and Overweight with Ilana Muhlsein

Obesity and Overweight are ravaging the USA with more than 1 in 4 adults at or above the obesity level. In 2013 Obesity was officially classified as a disease. On this Episode, Christian Cristiano and Ilana Muhlsein will help you to overcome or avoid the pitfalls of obesity and overweight.

Ilana Muhlstein Bio

Ilana Muhlstein, R.D., is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Private Practice in Los Angeles. She also works at UCLA where she meets with occupational health patients and leads the Bruin Health Improvement Program (BHIP). Ilana also acts as a nutrition consultant for several companies including Whole Foods Market, Curves, H2 Wellness Inc., and RIPE. In addition she is a certified group fitness and yoga instructor and teaches yoga as well as delivers cooking demonstrations at Whole Foods Market locations. Ilana is also a contributing writer/ researcher for many publications including Hungry Girl Survival Guides, the Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen, and The Jewish Home.

Ilana completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Maryland and her Clinical Dietetic Internship through City of Hope Medical Center (rated top 15 cancer hospitals by U.S. News and World Report 2013). She is also currently finishing up her Masters of Science degree in Nutrition from North Eastern University. She is a proud member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly known as the American Dietetic Association), Los Angeles Dietetics Association (LAD), Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM) and Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) practice groups.

Along with conducting nutrition counseling sessions in her private practice and with UCLA, Ilana works as a consultant for businesses and schools where she helps organize nutritious and delicious meal plans, delivers seminars and workshops and other related projects. Ilana also contributes her nutrition knowledge and expertise in online sites such as LiveStrong.com and LiveInTheNow.com.

Her own 75-pound weight loss transformation also gives Ilana the cutting edge in weight loss counseling. She has a unique framework for overcoming weight plateaus, revving up slow moving metabolisms and ensuring a healthy weight maintenance for many years to come.

Christian Cristiano Bio:

Christian CristianoChristian Cristiano received his Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The school’s renowned full-time program requires students to combine coursework with concurrent clinical internships, providing exposure to patients during the entire four years of study.
Christian received his B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing. After graduating, he started and managed a successful personal training business instilling in him a passion for helping people reach their goals.

Christian also studied at the University of Madrid at Cumplutense, where he became fluent in Spanish. After spending two years in Madrid, Christian was recruited for an extremely stressful position at a high-profile company in Chicago. He soon started suffering from shortness of breath and other respiratory issues, prompting him to visit several western MDs. Each diagnosed his condition as stress-related, and despite the fact that he was in his 20s and in otherwise good health, two of the doctors prescribed heavy tranquilizers.

Christian never filled the prescriptions. Instead, he visited a prominent Acupuncturist, Dr. Tony Lu, who cured his ailments in just three treatments. These incredible results, coupled with his passion for health and fitness, inspired Christian to pursue a career in Chinese medicine. He moved to San Diego to study Acupuncture, and has since developed an esteemed reputation for his comprehensive skills and goal-oriented practice.

Christian works to help patients achieve their healing objectives as quickly as possible. For some patients, it may be simply to heal an illness or injury. For others, it is a crucial element in a health maintenance, illness prevention or overall wellness plan. In addition, some programs may require weekly visits to ensure a homeostatic state so that organs function properly and in balance.

In his free time, he enjoys surfing, yoga, qi gong, lifting weights and running with his dog in the canyon. He continues to study Chinese Medicine.













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