Improving your Memory – Food Exposed

My coaching moment today comes from a workshop that I love to present, and have many, many times. It’s called Brain Boosters: Improving your Memory. Let’s face it, we’re all concerned about forgetting what we really want to remember! In this presentation I talk about the value of attaching to memories using our different senses, like smell, touch, taste and sight. And we all know how powerful some of these memories can be– like the smell of a favorite food you’re your childhood, or the touch of a soft object that you carried around as a child. We also have auditory memories (remembering the words or melody to your favorite song),and symbolic memories (like V for peace, or victory). These memories, made in the hippocampus area of the brain, are formed, organized and stored from these sensory memories

It turns out that gardening also helps us with memory formation and retention. How? The sense of touch and smell are all involved in gardening, as are spatial relations. These important activities help the brain form memories. And let’s not forget that being active helps you remember, oxygenating the brain by improving blood flow, which not only helps you remember but improves your health overall. So associating the activity with a sensory experience, using multiple senses, using physical cues (like clenching a fist to cement a memory), repeating something out loud multiple times will all help you. Want more memory aids? Contact me through this show at or at