Q-Score Live from SXSW with Mary Ramos & Holly Adams

On the tenth episode of Q-Score, Jonathan McHugh got to talk with two legendary music supervisors about their careers, and their new movie Break Point. Break Point is a new comedy about two estranged brothers who form a doubles tennis team in the hopes of winning a grand slam title.
Speaking about the music choices for the movie, Ramos notes that music choices “come from mood, energy, tone and ultimately, from the characters and what is happening throughout the story.” While this sounds intuitive, it is more difficult in practice, and Ramos and Adams were heavily assisted in executing their musical vision through the process by Lauren McCarthy, an amazing producer, and an up and coming composer, Timmy “the terror” Anderson.
Ramos has experience in music supervision on over 100 films and has worked extensively with Quentin Tarantino; She is best known for her work on Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol.1, and Django Unchained. She notes that working with him was ultimately what got her into the music supervision game. Adams is best known for her work on Beautiful Creatures, Hello I Must Be Going and Last Vegas.
Each week on Q Score, Jonathan McHugh takes us behind the scenes of the film and television music we love. McHugh illuminates the process of matching composers, songs, and score to specific scenes by talking to the individuals responsible for creating the magic.