Developing Better Eating Habits for Students – Food Exposed

This week, Jackie discusses the challenges of getting kids to make healthy choices and eat right. Jackie’s involvement with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move and Chefs Move to Schools campaigns takes her into elementary and high school classrooms, where she works with educators (such as today’s guest) in the hopes of curbing the childhood obesity epidemic. Additionally, she sees how school nutrition and physical education factor into kids eating habits and health and she shares her knowledge on today’s episode.

Jackie’s guest this week is University High School teacher Kerri Eich. Kerris it the Director of the School of Health & Environmental Sciences and teaches food science, physiology  and environmental sciences. She also envisioned and created Uni High’s school garden, which includes a native pollinator garden and raises crops with the help of her 90 Food Science students. This week, she discusses her cooking program, Uni’s school garden and the challenges of working with teenage students.