Ping Pong Summer at SXSW – Director Michael Tully and Composer Michael Montes on Q Score

On the ninth episode of Q-score, McHugh sat down the director Michael Tully and composer Michael Montes of the new indie film Ping Pong Summer. They discussed their relationship and the process they went through to form the score, while maintaining the period vision for the film.

Montes and Tully met through a mutual friend in Brooklyn, and they both note how pleasurable it was to work together and search through a palate of 80’s music to execute their story. Ping Pong Summer came together in large part from a beautifully written script, and it features 1980s Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B for its soundtrack.

Another Montes film, Wild Canaries feature distinctly different music, Dub Reggae, to create a goofy but suspenseful experience. Tully also has another film in the works that features a creepy theme set in Ireland.Look for other works from this dynamic duo in the future;
Ping Pong Summer debuts June 6th in select theatres. Soundtrack for Ping Pong Summer released on J2 Records also available June 6th.

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