Tracey McKnight on Q Score

On the fourth episode of Q Score, Jonathan McHugh sat down with Tracy McKnight to discuss the development of her career in the music supervision industry, various past projects, and some of her thoughts on the importance of goals and execution. McKnight spoke in length about her transition from small indie films to large-budget blockbusters, but noted that both required taking into account the director’s vision and being true to fans. At the end of the day, it’s about choosing sounds that will enhance the quality of the film for viewers.

Tracy McKnight is the head of the music department at Lionsgate, and she has supervised music on over 100 films, including The Hunger Games, Warrior and Red 2. McKnight noted that her life changed after getting a job as a night manager at Planet Sound, a small recording studio. Meeting musicians and seeing how music was made were catalyst experiences that caused her to realize her passion and begin the journey from working on small indie films to becoming one of the most respected music supervisors in the business.

Each week on Q Score, Jonathan McHugh takes us behind the scenes of the television and film content we love through the music that connects us to the content. Music helps make the shows and films you love the shows and films you love. The process of matching composers with content and music with specific scenes is fascinating and Q helps us understand the people behind the curtain and how the magic happens.

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