Medium/Intuitive Tina Marie Langham Preps Us for Thanksgiving! – Your Weekly Woo Woo

Holiday’s are for Family, right? Thanksgiving is the kick-off of the Holiday season and the first big event with the entire clan. It can be stressful and emotional. Tina Marie Langahm, professional Medium/Intuitive is going to talk to us about her ability to ‘talk to the other side’ and maybe we will get to wish Jenn’s Grandma a happy Turkey day!

Astrologer Lauren Maxwell Mathews will help us navigate the stars/planets for some smooth Thanksgiving festivities. Walking us through the Moon/Mars conjunction in Virgo as well as more drama with aspects to the ongoing (seemingly never-ending) Pluto / Uranus square.

And as we do every week, we will check out what Woo Woo-y things were happening out there in the world. Got to talk BatKid and the passing of celebrity Medium Sylvia Browne, as well as a few surprises!

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