Hot Russian Fashion Designers on Tailor Made with Brian Rodda

Russian Designers Lead the Way from W Magazine

Brian Rodda and Sandra Sarmanpal dish about the hot Russian Fashion Designers.

W featured hot new Russian Designers in sartorial frocks that give us a throwback to the days of yore with a modern twist. The designers are: Maria Bogdanovich (former ballerina at Bolshoi), Olya Thompson (another former Bolshoi Dancer), Natalia Alaverdian, Polina Kitsenko

Kitsenko says, it was easy to spot a Russian woman on the streets of Paris. “She was blonde with sharp stilettos, and her clothes were all tight and supershort,” explains the 36-year-old creative director of Podium, Russia’s most forward-thinking boutique chain. “Now Russian women are looking at what’s happening worldwide to determine how they shop and dress.”

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