Earth Wind and Fire’s Verdine White and GQ Stylist Michael Cioffoletti Post Show Chat

In our weekly SRC post show chat session, GQ Stylist Michael Cioffoletti and Earth, Wind and Fire’s Verdine White join Luke and Julia to answer a few questions from our international audience. Our favorite hosts and their guests gab about all things fashion, from Verdine and Michael’s fabulous tips on leather jackets to finding the right tailor to give you the best look possible.

Luke and Michael suggest asking friends for a recommendation on a tailor, then trying them out one piece at a time. Start with something easy, like a hem or bringing in the waist. If they do a good, job…keep them! If not, move on!! Virginia Madsen says her tailor is her best friend, so make sure you get yours!!

Verdine also gives us the inside scoop on his favorite place to perform. Verdine loves playing at Madison Square Garden, and of course traveling to London, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. But his favorite performance was in September of 2010 when EWF played at the Hollywood Bowl with a full symphony. Their favorite acoustic tracks such as “I’ll Write a Song For You,” and “After The Love is Gone” were backed up by the entire string section. That was a treat.

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