Conquering Heels, Bullies and More

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SHOE-STRAVAGANZA: Secrets of the Red Carpet and Luke Reichle put the focus on custom made shoes. If you can’t find what you want in a shoe, or just need that perfect fit, or maybe your favorite shoe needs a little “TLC…” If you’re saying yes to any of the above, then you’ve got to see Raul Ojeda of Willie’s Shoes. Willie’s has been Hollywood’s go to shop for shoes for decades, and has worked for Sophie Lauren, John Wayne, Ben Affleck, Madonna and J.Lo to mention a few.

BULLY BE GONE: Identifying the bully within you is a tough job. You know the one, that inner voice that beats you up about your weight, your hair, your laugh…whatever! If you want relief from the body bullies, you have to intervene on your own behalf, and Luke shows you how.

INSIDE JOB: Value Judgments are like hand grenades for the Body Bully. “You’re Fat!” Kaboom! “You’re butt’s too big!” Kaboom! The question is what to do while you work toward achieving your desired weight? You start with acceptance. See how.

HOTTIE HEELS by XTC and Lush are the best thing to lift your spirits. Let’s hear from Maya Levy one of the owners of LA’s hottest shoe store share what’s hot and teach Luke how to walk in a pair of heels. This is NOT to be missed!

HOT SHOES and HOW TO BEAT OFF THE BULLIES: In the Post Show Chat Raul Ojeda of Willie’s Shoes shares how and where to find that great looking shoe on a budget and Luke helps a viewer out on how to overcome the childhood bully.

And finally, our Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt shares when you put on a pair of heels, even if it’s just to the market, you can get your sexy groove on. Take a shot, try it out, and see just how good you can feel.

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