The Weekly Comet – Live Music Every Thursday

Welcome to The Weekly Comet, hosted by Jonathan McHugh and Tamara Conniff. Each week we give you the low down on what’s happening in the world of music from the latest news to all the must see shows, what’s hot, what’s not–we got you covered. We showcase the hottest new bands and upcoming acts, premiere never before seen music videos and get the real dirt with unfiltered interviews from the artists themselves all brought to you live from our Hollywood studio. We sit down with the most prolific music supervisors and composers in the recording industry, the true wizards behind your favorite movie and T.V. show music. We’re music lovers, and watching young talent mature, seeing and feeling their words, changing the world through the power of music. . .that’s an incredible feeling and a helluva responsibility. So please join us as we celebrate with great guests and live music Thursdays at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern. The Weekly Comet, it’s good stuff!

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